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UCF Safe Zone Series

What happened to Allies Advance?

The Safe Zone program includes more up-to-date information about LGBTQ+ identities and culture and the training has been separated into two parts, LGBTQ+ 101 and Safe Zone Advocates. As such, Allies Advance has been absorbed by the Safe Zone program. Those interested in obtaining a placard are now required to attend six hours of training in order to demonstrate their commitment to learning about LGBTQ+ culture and advocacy.

What is a Safe Zone Advocate?

ASafe Zone Advocate is a person who works to end oppression in his/her/their personal and professional life through support of, and as an ally to, oppressed populations. Safe Zone Advocates are open to exploring and calling attention to the impact that power, privilege and oppression have on marginalized people. Safe Zone Advocates work toward inclusivity, acceptance, and equality for all, with a particular focus on LGBTQ+ individuals on the UCF campus.

Can I become a Safe Zone Advocate?

Of course! It's simple. There are just four easy steps:

  • Step 1: Register online for the LGBTQ+ 101 training.
  • Step 2: Attend the LGBTQ+ 101 training.
  • Step 3: Register online for the Safe Zone Advocates training.
  • Step 4: Attend the Safe Zone Advocates training.

Where do I register for the training(s)?

You can register here.

I have to leave early and/or arrive late, can I still attend the training?

We prefer that you register for an alternative training rather than coming or going late. It is important to us that everyone receives similar training when going through the Safe Zone program. If you leave early, you will miss out on exciting and important information that will help you make a difference on campus. And fun, you'll miss out on tons of fun!

I attended Allies Advance in the past, do I still need to attend the Safe Zone trainings in order to receive a Safe Zone Advocates placard?

Allies is the former LGBTQ+ knowledge-based workshop offered at UCF. Safe Zone has revised the content of the workshop into a series and now offers DEU credit. If you would like to know more about how you can transfer your knowledge from Allies into the new Safe Zone series, please contact the coordinator of LGBTQ+ Services at

Why are there multiple trainings?

Due to concerns about the prior issuance of Allies placards, it was recommended by students that the process of receiving a placard be more rigorous, and we agree. We wanted to continue to provide training and raise awareness of LGBTQ+ culture, while also maintaining the integrity of the Safe Zone placard. In addition, we received feedback that an additional component that focuses exclusively on how to be an advocate was important. Thus, we created a training series. We hope that by separating the training into multiple parts we can better ensure that those with placards are the best advocates and allies they can be.

Can I continue to display my Allies placard?

Feel free to continue to display your Allies placard if you wish to do so, but we also encourage those with placards to attend the new trainings. Just keep in mind that as the Safe Zone program grows, more and more people may come to recognize the Safe Zone placard more easily than the Allies placard.

I already know a lot about LGBTQ+ culture and identities, do I still need to attend LGBTQ+ 101?

Yes. If you wish to become a Safe Zone Advocate you must attend LGBTQ+ 101 first. In order to conduct quality assurance, we insist that everyone who wishes to attend Safe Zone Advocates obtain the same foundation of knowledge by attending LGBTQ+ 101. We believe that everyone can learn something new from attending.

Where should I hang my placard?

Please place your Safe Zone Advocates placard on or near the door to your office rather than on the entryway to your building. Please refrain from hanging it in a place that might lead others to be confused about who, specifically, has completed the Safe Zone program, and who has not.

I don't have an office to put my placard on!

We are working toward obtaining buttons, lapel pins, patches, and/or stickers as an alternative to the placard. Please cross your fingers, wish on eyelashes, throw pennies in a well, and send good energy into the universe for us so that we might come into funds to support this in the near future!*

*If you have extra money lying around that you'd like to donate to this endeavor, don't hesitate to contact us!

Who facilitates the LGBTQ+ 101 trainings?

LGBTQ+ 101 trainings are facilitated by UCF students, staff, and faculty.

Can I facilitate an LGBTQ+ 101 training?

Yes! You just have to become a Safe Zone Advocate by taking LGBTQ+ 101 and Safe Zone Advocates and then attend a Train the Trainer workshop in order to be eligible to facilitate the trainings.

Who facilitates the Safe Zone Advocates trainings?

At this time, CAPS and SJA staff facilitate the Safe Zone Advocates trainings.

What is Safe Zone: GOLD?

GOLD stands for Gender, Orientation, and Language Diversity. In this workshop we delve deeper into the concepts of gender, sexual orientation, romantic orientation, intersex identities, and language diversity in general.

What is Safe Zone: Coming Out?

The Coming Out Workshop focuses on the identity development and milestones of LGBTQ+ individuals. It is a great resource for those wishing to learn more about their own coming out experience/journey as well as those wishing to be a resource for their friends and family.